Alex Sadkin

Ask Katy

Hi Katy! This message is for Simon, Nick and/or Roger...and it's plagued me for ages! As I understand it, while enjoying the success of "Seven and the Ragged Tiger", there was some disappointment from the band in the way it turned out. If indeed there was disappointment, why then did you continue with Alex Sadkin to make "So Red the Rose"? What was it you saw in his abilities that had you choose to carry on with him for another album (SRTR)? Thanks for all the wonderful music, Martin

"I don't recall any one was unhappy with the final results of the third album, though it had undoubtedly been a very difficult album to make. I think, after the success of the first two albums, we were very conscious that we needed to change direction but still keep true to the sound manifesto we created. We were all huge admirers of Alex Sadkin's work, particularly with Grace Jones and Bob Marley. We had first worked with him when he mixed "Is There Something I Should Know," so it seemed like a natural progression to use him for the album. We started out in the South of France, moved to Montserrat in the Caribbean and then completed work in Sydney, Australia. This was the first time we had taken so long to record, and certainly the most air miles expended to reach the final result.

Personally, I loved working with Alex, he taught me more about sound and engineering than any one else. His approach was refined and sophisticated, he was never afraid of experimentation, and had the patience of a saint. We went on to work together on the Arcadia album, as I simply believed there wasn't any one better than him at that time. I am still thrilled with the results of that project. I feel grateful to have worked with him and I am certain we would have continued to do so had he not died so tragically. Nick"