White Wedding?

Hi Katy, I always wondered if there was any truth in the idea that DD would have played Billy Idol's White Wedding on the 1983 tour. They had got into a common format (heaven forbid!!) of playing a cover as the first track in the encore. Tell Me It's Just A Rumour (81), Make Me Smile (82), Funtime (83 Villa Park). I was watching an old VHS tape the other day, and they had Molly Meldrum interviewing the band on the set of rehearsals for the 83 Tour in Australia. He asked the band was that Billy Idol's White Wedding on the set list that he saw, and the band seemed quite jokey back that it was just a vicious rumour. Would've been a great cover, no ? Matt

"We had worked it up in rehearsal, but were not all convinced it belonged in the show, and the 'nays' had it! The Band"