Technological Option

Hi Katy! Not sure if this has been asked before. I was wondering, with all the advances in technology, if there are any songs from the early days they guys were unhappy with the final result and would be interested in re-recording? Thanks, Peggy

"Hmm.. Good question Peggy. Do you? That is, are there any of the older recordings you would like to hear re-recorded, with Dom playing guitar I guess, instead of Andy? I think most of the early (pre-Notorious) recordings are pretty darn perfect if I say so myself. Come to think of it, I probably wouldn't change anything on Notorious or Big Thing either. Everyone knows that Liberty is the least satisfactory of the elpees, but that has nothing to do with technology. Do you know, sometimes I really dislike technology? An excuse for a new coat of paint is all it is sometimes..Em, yes.. I think we've always been pretty on time technologically speaking. The early albums were very forward for their time. I cannot imagine them being any different. And please feel free to answer my question...-JT"