"Still Breathing" Genesis

Ask Katy

Hello Guys, Hope you can come to Dallas soon. "Still Breathing" is one of my all-time favorite Duran songs and definitely one of the best of the deep cuts. Keeping in mind Simon's disdain for explaining lyrics, what can you tell me about the inspiration for the song? Was their any one member who was more instrumental in the making of the song and is there anything you remember about its recording? Thanks! Jeffrey

"Quite early in the ASTRONAUT sessions...Maybe session two. London. Basic groove, soft, sort of lounge "Save A Prayer." The Doors referenced... 'Could be a single...' Simon's words...Trying times...9/11...Survival... We add the chorus. Still thinking... This could be a big song...'The wife's favourite..."The sound collage at the end added in mix. The song never really got any further. The version on the album lost energy, if anything, by too much time spent on it. Live, it's tricky, requiring a light touch. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes flat as a ... JT"