S. Le Blog, Final Day (15)

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Later we arrived at Devi Gar. Which is a... you guessed it... it's a fort! It is a fort which someone has taken the trouble to turn into the most amazing hotel. Really wonderful design, keeping the original floor plans, which mean that nearly every room is different. I really enjoyed wandering around this place. Later we were treated to a fine meal. They'd asked us what we wanted to eat and all I could say was "whatever it is make it light". And they did absolutely do just that. I'm not much cop at food writing so you'll just have to take my word for it. Sorry no food pics either, but here's some of Devi Gar itself.

This is pretty much the last thing we did in India.

Tomorrow we fly back to London. I really don't know how I'm going to feel about getting home. Of course, it'll be great to see the kids and the cats and the dogs. But I'm going to be carrying a lot of this place with me in my head.

On the drive back from Devi Gar to Udaipur I had a little time to reflect on the variety of this country; how it gets under your skin. I know that there's a great deal about India that I'll be missing in a couple of days. So I made a little promise to myself, and I'm coming back.

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