S. Le Blog, Day 14

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An hour into the drive out to Devi Garh we stop in a dusty car park. Our driver, Mr. Bihari, points us up a dusty track; "not yet" I tell him " I need to... you know... my tummy!" He calls something in Hindi and a small boned barefoot lady in red and green traditional Indian apparel appears on the hillside and makes her way over to a shed set above the car park. I spend way too long in there. So when I come back out into the sunlight after an extended period of ablution, I give her not one but two slightly soggy 10 rupee notes - no hand towel had to dry on the back of my trousers.

I feel that this will not be my only visit to small dark rooms today.

A deserted Hindu temple in a green field under trees. How beautiful it is. A far cry from yesterday's visit to Mewar Fort in Udaipur which was just crawling with sightseers; local guides whipping their groups through there. No, it's quiet here; you can hear the birds.

Anyway here are some pictures to look at: