Nick Rhodes’ Highlights of 2010

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Nick Rhodes’ Highlights of 2010:

Seeing lots of good exhibits because I was home in London.

Having more time with my friends, as I was in London a lot more in 2010, since we didn’t do much traveling.

Starting to sort through my photographic archives since I have taken a lot of photographs this year; I have over 30,000 digital images now.

Working on structural changes, coming soon (we promise).

The films “I am Love” staring Tilda Swinton and “Gainsbourg” about the life of Serge Gainsbourg. I still have many to see before Kathryn and I do our Oscar picks including “Black Swan,” “Toy Story 3,” and “The King’s Speech.”

Getting to us analog synths on “All You Need is Now”

To all our friends out there, wherever you are, whatever you are doing (as long as it’s nothing bad) I wish you all a fabulous, fabulous shopping season on behalf of myself and every one else in the band, and a genuine thank you for your continued support and patience. I hope you like the record, and we look forward to seeing you, some of you, or every one of you and all your families AND friends sometime next year in 2011 when we shall be playing shows in a town near you... or at least an airplane ride away. Have a great holiday! - Nick Rhodes, December 2010