Happy New Year from Duran Duran

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Is there anyone out there?.. What a fantastic way for DD to end their year! Thank you all so much, we could not have done it without you- fabulous team work people! Wishing you and your families all the best for a wonderful holiday season! -John

My year in music-


My New years resolutions are..

...to be more environmentally aware, do more re-cycling, speaking of cycling, use my feet and bike more... Give more to the poor, try to be more understanding and patient with people that are 'showing me who they really are,' worry less, live more in the 'precious' moments in life, try to take up less space as a polluting part of the human race and try to keep more in touch with my 'higher self'. A long, but worthwhile, list I shall try to fulfill while out on the road next year, seeing all of you! Happy New Year! Rtx


My favourite things this year -

My trip to India with Yasmin.
Our album, because it is brilliant and I really like it.
Wellington boots, as it has been really muddy and rainy here.
Going on a diet and dropping a stone.
England retaining the Ashes, and with any luck, going on to win the series in January.
American airport security not restricting liquids.
Going to see Saffron sing with XIII and the Brave.
Having one child who's earning money (Amber modeling).
Seeing how hard Tallulah works at school.
Finding the old leather Swedish Policeman's coat that I used to wear when singing "Nightboat" live, at the bottom of a trunk. It's covered in mildew, but I thought i'd lost it for good.

Favourite Singles -

Dizzie Rascal's "Dance Wiv Me"
Plan B's "Stay Too Long"
Vampire Weekend's "Cousins"
Mark Ronson & The Business INTL feat. Boy George "Somebody to Love Me"
Miike Snow's "Animal"

Favourite Albums -

The Defamation of Strickland Banks, Plan B
Record Collection, Mark Ronson & The Business INTL

Top Movies I Haven't Seen Yet -

Black Swan
The King's Speech

My Favourite TV Event -

The Only Way is Essence

My Favourite Radio Show -

Radio 4's The News Quiz (currently off the air)
Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show [deserves a special mention]

Best Musical Discovery -

Pergolesi's Stabat Mater

I am looking forward to next year cos it's going to be a lot of fun for every one in the band and every one who follow the band. Happy New Year to you and yours. Whooosh!


My New Year's Resolutions -

Consider past life regression therapy to find out whether there is any truth in the rumour that people led happier more fulfilled lives before the internet.

Confess everything about the new Duran Duran album to Wikileaks

Buy a new car, so that I can instantly lose money on its value, add to the pollution in London, pay more tax and insurance, worry about the price of fuel, participate in parking fines and congestion charges, suffer increased anxiety from heavy traffic, poor weather conditions and lack of parking facilities, possibly get a window broken and the Sat Nav stolen and maybe one day hope to get towed away.

Remind myself, that although more convenient, digital photography does not look better than film, digital downloads do not sound better than vinyl and digital synthesizers do not sound better than analogue synthesizers.

Recommend fact checkers to Wikipedia.

Further develop the theory that some moments in life are not yet available on Youtube. If anyone actually has this footage, it could be very valuable.

Alert British politicians, transport authorities and airports of the following: there are now officially eleven months left until next December; it may snow; this will not be an unexpected and extremely unusual occurrence.

Try to find friends who are not on Facebook

Look into a revolutionary new medication which claims to reduce a person's attention span, in an attempt to enable me to tweet more appropriately.

Acknowledge that if you cannot find out anything at all about a person through Google, technically they could still exist.