I’m More Excited About Duran Duran’s New Album than Mine, Admits Mark Ronson

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HE may be a pop star in his own right now but Mark Ronson is more excited about the new Duran Duran album than his own recording.

Ronson narrowly missed out on the top spot in the album chart last Sunday with his latest, Record Collection, from new band The Business International.

The title track features Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon on vocals – and Mark has spent the last year working with Simon and the rest of the band on their eagerly anticipated comeback record.

Ronson told the Razz: “The Duran Duran album is out at the end of this year and it is just great. That is the thing, other than my own album, which has taken up most of the past year.

“As flattered as I was to be asked to work with them, I had no interest in making a mediocre record, so we worked through every single bit, from lyrics to hi-hats, to really make an incredible album.
“This is a really great record. It’s in the same league as their first two, with great songs.

“They sound hungry and it is exciting for me to take my first favourite band and make a song with them, that I can now hear and say honestly it’s one of my favourites they have done.”
Record Collection, the Business International track featuring Le Bon, is tipped to be a fourth single in the early part of next year.

It will follow December’s Somebody To Love Me, the massive Boy George collaboration.
Ronson’s dream team on the record also includes Rose Elinor Dougall, MNDR, Spank Rock, Kyle Falconer and Stuart Zender.

Mark said: “They are just people I respect. It sounds a bit light but they are geniunely people who I was a fan of before we worked together, from Boy George to Simon to Rose.

“That’s why the title Record Collection works. These are all people I am a fan of, whose music is in my record collection.

“It’s just random how each song worked out with different people writing.

“The way they came together and I ended up writing with Jonathan from The Drums or Boy George, it was all complete fate and luck but it is really cool.

“It was so weird to be on Jools Holland and hear him go, ‘Mark Ronson featuring Boy George’. It is so strange the way stuff comes together – it is magical sometimes.”

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