It’s Organic

Ask Katy

Hi John, Recently I’ve been reading and listening to your interviews (katy kafé is brilliant) and am curious to know what does ‘organic’ means in terms of making music. Is it when the band come and play together in a room to write/ record music? If so, how important is it to do music organically as opposed to do it otherwise? I belive duran one of the best and solid live bands around, does writing music organically help the band to make music that also sounds good for playing live? Cheers, Dian,

"Hello Dian, What I mean when I use the term 'organic' generally, is that something has happened naturally- without pressure of commercial concerns or a political agenda. Not forced. When I use the term in a musical context, it probably means the music has developed more of an analog mood and feeling, rather than digital. Less pro-tools, more muscle. Sometimes things happen this way, sometimes they happen other ways. Both ways can be effective.Once a song reaches the stage, it becomes 'organic' regardless of it's inception, because for a song to 'make it' in the context of a rock show, it has to sweat, with all hands on deck..-John"