Ask Katy

During the Sky TV Songbook show, you guys played some classic Duran Duran fan favorites such as “Late Bar” and “The Chauffeur.” These songs are loved by the fans, however, you guys have chosen not to play these songs on recent tours. You did play "Chauffeur" at some selected shows, but not all. Also, it was mentioned on a Katy Cafe, that Nick's favorite DD songs are “Secret Oktober” and “New Religion” (mine too!). Granted Nick changes his mind daily, these songs also were not included on the last couple tours. Any reasons why Duran Duran has continuously left “Late Bar” and “Secret Oktober” off the set list for the last couple tours? I remember you guys playing Secret October on the "Let It Flow" tour and it was amazing, especially how you guys tweaked it a little. I realize we could go in circles questioning why this song and that song was not plays, but these two songs really seem to define DD, and the fans love these songs. Thanks! Have a great day! Mike V.

“Because we change our mind all the time...have been thinking “Secret Oktober” is ready for revival again though. The Band”