Big Thing Re-Mixes

Ask Katy

I just received my copies of the "Notorious" and "Big Thing" re-issues! I am in heaven with two of my favorite albums of all time being remastered. I have always been an avid collector of the bands remixes and particularly loved the remixes from "Big Thing" for "I Don't Want Your Love" and "All She Wants Is" as I am also a huge fan of Shep Pettibone. I was blown away by the fact that I had never heard the remixes for the title track before and I think they are amazing! Does anyone recall who did these remixes? Every track on the re-issue has production notes except for the "Big Thing" 7" and 12" mixes and I am dying to know who made them. Can't wait for the new album to come out! Thanks, Eugene

"Hi Eugene, Thanks for your email. I checked with EMI and was told that the tapes said "Steve Peck at Soundworks." I am not sure if that has cleared up the mystery or made it worse! Enjoy the re-mixes, Katy"