Acoustic Versions

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, If there is nothing John would like to see re-done with newer (not always better) technology, is there anything the band would like to re-do striping away the technology, similar to unplugged sessions so to speak? I don't always believe technology is our friend. I would love to hear some songs rebuilt using real live instruments like a piano, strings and brass. Some songs I'd like to hear this way, "Shadows on Your Side," "Violence of Summer," "Tiger Tiger," "Beautiful Colours," "Do You Believe in Shame," "Planet Earth," "My Own Way," and "Serious" Thanks! Eric

"Hmm.. Sometimes I would like to remix earlier work, particularly in the case of an album that did not get the attention I would have liked it to have had. Recently Nick and I were discussing a 'Director's cut' of LIBERTY, and I always wanted to do the same with LIVING IN FEAR. I'm not big on 'acoustic' renditions, not being that big on acoustic music, period, although I could get into a full orchestra deal!.. -JT"