Duran Duran Return to Lovebox!

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Returning the favor from last year, Duran Duran were Mark Ronson’s special guests at his performance at the Lovebox Festival today (July 17) in London. Nick & Simon came onstage to join Mark for the song “Record Collection,” the single they perform on off of Mark’s forthcoming solo record of the same name. Roger & John then joined them onstage to perform Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth” to the very enthusiastic crowd.

While there were industry whispers that DD were going to be making a surprise appearance, Nick discussed the genesis of the collaboration a few days before the gig:

Duran Duran Return to Lovebox

For photos from the rehearsal featuring the band, Mark Ronson, MDNR & Nick from the Kaiser Chiefs, please visit the duranduran.com Gallery:

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