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Airing on March 8th at 10:30p on BBC 2: Simon Le Bon will take part in a different kind of sailing in Sweden - Ice Sailing. After a one day tutorial, Simon, his brother Jonathan, and Presenters Ed Leigh and Graham Bell, alongside Chris Williams, an experienced Ice Sailor from the UK, will participate in this exciting event. In high winds, ice Sailing can reach up to speeds of 145km an hour...and as you may know, Simon is a fan of speed.

See photo illustration below and tune in!

High Altitude/BBC2/22:00/ 8 March - Graham and Ed invite Duran Duran frontman, Simon Le Bon and his brother Jonny, to a frozen lake in Sweden in a quest for sailing supremacy - on ice.

They will fly across the ice on catamarans at speeds of up to 100kph in an exhilarating - and potentially very dangerous competition.