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I am ‘blogging’ today from New York City; I am here to do a DJ gig with my partner Jake Fonique at Cielo. We are then going to go on to Florida for another show at Gryphon in the Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood, FLA. DJ’ing has opened a whole new creative energy for me. It’s very exciting but I also have Duran Duran on the brain...

As you know from reading past Blogs, we’ve been back to the Studio. We had two weeks in London, which went really very, very well. We had about 20 ideas for songs – only one good idea but...kidding! I do think we have 20 really great ideas, we are all very excited about it. I feel as though it’s going to be a great album since we’re very free now. The last album, Andy has just left, which was difficult...Timbaland came in to the equation, Justin Timberlake...there was quite a lot of pressure around those sessions... but at the moment it feels like the pressure is off. It is just a very creative place to be, like a young band, just kind of following our instincts. We’re just jamming and jamming and jamming and I think some of the stuff we’ve come up with is some of the best in years. I am really excited about it.

And of course, we have Dom with us, as Red Carpet Massacre was really written without a guitar player. It is great to have a guitarist back in the studio with us, it just takes it in a different direction, which is very cool. It works for us, it seems to make things easier.

When I get back to London we’re going to go back in to the studio with Mark Ronson. I have no idea what it’s going to be like, even though we worked with him on the Smirnoff event in Paris. That was a different thing, it was a live performance, with our songs, his songs... and this is going to be about creating new music. I don’t know how he works at all, how he creates from his end. We have no idea whether he comes in with a Programmer, whether he comes in with a guitar and a drum machine...no clue but we’re excited to see it unfold. We really got on with him in Paris, he is a great guy, totally unpretentious and very talented. He started out his career as a DJ but he is also a great musician. I am feeling very good about it all.

An exciting few weeks for me, I am very much looking forward to how it is all going to come together. Of course, I will keep you posted...

Til the next Blog.