Top Five Bands that belong in the Rock Hall of Fame

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Ok, this is all in good fun of course. I'd really like to know your opinion of which bands are most deserving to be in the Hall of Fame. And, in case you can't recall if one of your favorite bands is in or not, the complete list can be found at

Now, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has long ignored what most people would consider "prop rock" bands. Progressive rock for lack of any other definition is the term used often in describing the band Rush. This Canadian trio however refers to its influences in Classic Rock bands like Cream and The Yardbirds, yet they took their music so much further than those bands through intricate songwriting and odd time signatures. Simply put, they sound like no other band.

I could go on and on about album sales, concert attendance, awards, magazine accolades, etc. Rush influences not only musicians but songwriters.....Nobody plays the drums or writes lyrics like Neil Peart......Musicians LOVE this band. Why shouldn't the Hall of Fame?. Number One on my list.

At Number Two....Genesis. Again, here we go with the "prog rock" label. From its beginnings with Peter Gabriel as lead singer to taking on a more pop/rock slant with Phil Collins in the 80's, they've done just about everything. They were able to accomplish what The Who couldn't quite create on stage--rock theater.

At Number Three......Duran Duran. Sure, like most dudes, I hated these guys when they first came on the scene in the early 80's. But, there's no denying the way they blended New Wave, Pop and Rock into one giant hit machine. To me, this is the definitive 80's band that belongs in the Hall of Fame.

At Number Four.........Kiss........Not the most talented or creative band when it comes to the songs, but there's no denying the fan base. Kiss was the first band to make the rock concert a real show. The costumes, the pyrotechnics, and of course those Kiss lunch boxes!

At Number Five....Ok, I know I'm going to catch some heat for this........Neil Diamond...... This guy does not get enough credit. Let's forget "The Jazz Singer" for a moment. Let's forget "Sweet Caroline" for a moment. In the 60's Neil Diamond rocked the house. Great songwriter. Fantastic arranger. 'I'm a Believer", "Kentucky Woman", "Cherry, Cherry", etc. Half the songs he wrote were recorded by other people and he still had mega hits. He's still going, still churning out new material. His "12 Songs" Cd that came out a few years ago and was produced by Rick Rubin was nominated for a Grammy.