Kaiser Chiefs write for Duran Duran


Kaiser Chiefs write for Duran Duran

Mark Ronson has revealed that Kaiser Chiefs' Nick Hodgson has written a song for Duran Duran's new album.

The New York producer is to begin sessions with the 80s group next week.

Speaking to Newsbeat Ronson said: "I'm starting work on the Duran Duran record and that's sounding really cool - Nick from the Kaisers came in and wrote a song with them."

Ronson also explained that Duran Duran will be returning to their roots with their sound for this new LP.

"It sounds really good - I grew up as a huge Duran Duran fan to like Planet Earth, Rio, Girls On Film, The Chauffer - that kind of vibe.

"That is kind of what we're going back to a bit without looking backwards. The energy of those recordings, I don't think they've done something like that for quite some time.

"I know as a Duran Duran fan I'd be excited to hear it."

Ronson has also recently completed sessions with The Rumblestrips and Daniel Merriweather on their new LPs.

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