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Ask Katy

Dear Katy, This question is for John. Back in 1987, I snuck backstage at the DD show in Indianapolis, IN. I literally bumped into Nick and was instantly tonguetied, He was very gracious and walked me around to meet the band. I was thrilled and enjoyed talking with you for about 10 minutes. Anyway, I've always been a fan of your bass playing and at the young age of 39 have finally picked it up myself. My question is, have you ever produced, or considered producing, a beginner bass tutorial/training video? Thanks, Todd

"Hi Todd..Not really. I suppose I could have done that when I put out the Peavey signature bass a few years ago, it was discussed. There's a supercute interview with me around from '82 talking about my playing and my parts on the first album. Try you-tube. Teaching someone else to play an instrument is a whole other deal than just being a player, and frankly, I still have so much to learn, I still think of myself as a student. I'm happy and surprised, actually, to tell you I'm enjoying the bass guitar a whole lot these days, Just enjoying playing it. And that's the best way to learn..Best, JT"