Shell Suit

Ask Katy

Dear Katy, This is a question for Nick. Regarding his 13 items of clothing I do not wear I was horrified and shocked to notice a serious omission from Nick's list. Surely this was just a hideous oversight as I have always seen Nick as a style icon. The missing item is (sharp intake of breath)
a shell suit!!!! Please please tell me that this really is just an oversight and a mistake on Nick's part as the thought of him in a pink, purple and lime green shell suit would mentally scar me. I mean what eyeliner could possibly go with that? Also would the static affect the keyboards? just wondered. I keep waking in a cold sweat thinking about it so would really appreciate it if Nick could clear this matter up for me.

Fantastic concert at the NIA Birmingham by the way. What was the 1940's comedy sketch on the intro? The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic, looking forward to the next one. Louise, Home Counties

"Dear Louise,

With regard to your observation about the possible omission from the list entitled 13 Items of Clothing That I Do Not Wear. I would first like to draw your attention to the fact that this was not a concise/final list, it was merely 13 different garments which I find aesthetically challenging.

I feel there may be numerous, undesirable items in the apparel category which would, of course, include the sublimely hideous shell suit. Perhaps, if styled with a mullet, handlebar mustache, rolled up trousers & Doc Martens, it could start something of a trend North of Frankfurt. NR"