Arcadia 1 from Nick

Ask Katy

Hi Nick, i recently came across an early 1985 posed photo of you, Simon and Roger with Masami Tsuchiya taken in a park. I think it was an embryonic form of Arcadia as I also saw pics of you with him in the studio in Paris. Well, in those pics Masami Tsuchiya looked like a member of Arcadia. Just wondering, were you guys in the beginning supposed to have him on board as a proper member rather than a contribuitor? Thanks. Take care. Salvo

“Arcadia was always conceived as a Studio based project. Whilst we did make videos, we never intended to play live shows. We worked with an array of extraordinary musicians, one of the most significant contributors being Masami. He was an integral part of the sound of the record. He spent many months in Paris with us and his unique guitar playing is featured throughout the album. NR”