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Oliver Hunt from Manchester asked why there was nothing on our website about MJ. You're absolutely right Oliver, there ought to be.

But let's see, what can one say that hasn't already been said, over and over and over... So Madonna has been in tears? Really.. I've not been in tears, but it has been an extremely sad 24 hours.

I was glad we were in rehearsals today for the summer shows and were all able to process our feelings with each other. When I heard the news my first call was Nick, then Roger.

To say he was the greatest entertainer of his generation...Well yes, perhaps he was. He made one of my favourite albums, 'Off The Wall', and 'Thriller' is pretty fucking amazing and even 'Bad' had a renaissance with me a month or so ago.

It's all terribly sad. The rumours, and the court appearances. It's been sad and depressing and frustrating for years now. I've been so sick of the jokes for years, but this morning? Not for me thanks.

It was a surprise to get the news, but maybe less surprising than if he had turned up at the 02 and rocked the house, played all the songs we wanted to hear and left London in one piece.

His music and his legend will live on. His life is an inspiration to us all but also a caution. I'm very very sorry he's not with us anymore, but for my Madonna tears I'll probably have to wait until 'Rock With You' catches me unawares one evening, alone on a motorway somewhere.. By then I'll be really missing him.