Nick's Challenge

So, I was thinking back to when Nick had shared his photographs of some buildings he took. I loved them. It got me thinking; I wonder if Nick would ever consider a project, of photography to capture the lines he "sees" in the music. Now, what I mean by this is, a slide show, put to music, that Nick has taken photographs for, that blend what shapes and lines and colors sound like. For example: the Guggenheim - What does Nick hear when he looks into the shapes of this building? Could he rise to the challenge of photographing like this to music? Could he hear the cello rise and fall with the spiral? Would he hear The Art Of Noise? The challenge would be, for Nick to put on some headphones, for 5 songs we pick, and then he would photograph what he sees the musical "curves and lines and light and color" to be. If he had the time though. I know his life is busy. Reine

“I feel fairly confident that I could imagine and synthesize the effects in the manner of Synesthesia. Sound always inspires imagery for me but I could happily go the other way round too, creating sound for imagery whether Still or Moving. Unfortunately though, you’re right, I probably wouldn’t be able to invest in your challenge for some time. NR”