The ONE Bulb

Finally my question - in the strings of light bulbs dangling from the ceiling I noticed one red bulb among the white ones. Is there any significance to this? It didn't really seem centre stage (though that could have just been my perspective). Just curious... Smiles & Chuckles, Tina

“Clearly you are one of the chosen ones, a paranormal fan, because that light bulb can only be seen by those with exceedingly unearthly powers. Since you were able to identify it and have sent the message thru this address, I presume you already know about the sacred blood of the Saturn.

That light bulb holds the secret for the genetic code of an entire lost race and you, Tina, are the only person that can help unravel the mystery of the liquified plasma surrounding the filament in the glass orb suspended above my head. Please do not impart any of this information to others, as it could put you at serious risk. Laters, Nick”