Hello DD, I wonder if you can remember anything about, sharing the bill with Sweet in 1981. It was the 4th of january at the Lyceum.They were now a three piece, without Brian. But, what I really wanted to know, why the hell did Slade have more no.1's and more LP's in the charts than Sweet in the UK? Everywhere else like Germany, Scandinavia and the US, Sweet rightfully did better. best wishes, Poppa Joe

“Remarkably, I do remember being on a bill with The Sweet, tho I didn’t see them perform that evening. Both of the Glam Rock combos were extremely successful in the UK during the 70s, but I couldn’t possible explain to you who had more hits or why that was the case, but Steve Priest did wear a rather fetching cape and Noddy Holder sported a resplendent top hat adorned with mirrored discs. I believe these were the defining factors between the two groups. NR"