Starting DD in 2008

Ask Katy

Hello katy, I have a question for Nick: Hi Nick, if you were starting duran in 2008 what would your first synth be? Took my children to liverpool, the concert was superb with great sound. It felt surreal to watch my children enjoying their first duran concert just as I did back in 81. When you see families at the concerts do you get a sense of satisfaction that the music has come full circle and has jumped from generation to generation? Kind regards andrew

“I think I would probably buy a Mac laptop, a controller keyboard, a video camera and a screen. I am astounded that there aren’t more multi-media bands out there yet - that’s where it should be going. It was great to play Liverpool again after such a long absence. Terrific audience, each and every member. Always great to have a diversified audience. Thanks for the introduction to the new generation. Nick”