Running Blind

Ask Katy

My question is for anyone in the band....Do you remember a song you played in the 80/81 years called "Running Blind"? I have an old book about DD written by Mike West, and published by Babylon Books in 1983 that says the following: "...Despite rumours that "Running Blind" was to be the third single..." Are there any live recordings of this song (even from a tape recorder!!), and, if so, could it possibly see the light of day if you guys ever released a rarities type compilation? Also, does anybody remember how it goes? Thanks! Stephen

“I don’t remember a song with that is , of course, entirely possible that it did exist at some time, in some stage. Perhaps the rest of them only played it when I wasn’t there? I think it more likely that the song morphed into something different, possibly “Faster Than Light”, which ended up as a B-Side. NR”