Re-Recording Duran Duran

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, At the end of the seventies, John Lennon said that he would like to re-record some of the Beatles' songs. Are there some songs that Duran Duran would like to re-record to change the mood of those ? Thanks a lot for asking them ! Fred, from Paris - France

"The original versions of the song will always remain definitive, but what the band say they do like to do occasionally is re-work the arrangement of some of the songs for live performance - examples of this include "Girls on Film" and "Hungry like the Wolf." The one exception is from when they made the THANK YOU album, where (as you may know) they entirely re-arranged “The Chauffeur” and included it with the other cover versions on the album under the title “Drive By.” As for the re-mastered Arcadia project, it has been on the Simon, Roger and Nick’s revolving list for quite some time, they just haven’t managed to cross it off yet but they hope to. Katy"