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Hi Katy, First, I just wanted to say thanks for all that you do with the guys. Ask Katy, Katy's Kafe & the blogs are my favorite parts of the website & I'm sure there's tons more that you do that we fans don't even know about. So, a big THANKS to you. Having said that, could you please pass this along to John?

Hi John, I recently watched "High Fidelity," the movie with John Cusack in which he owns a record store, & he & the others all make 'top 5' lists. So, with all your wide variety of tastes what are your ultimate top 5 albums on vinyl? I'm sure your choices change weekly, even daily, but as of this moment let's hear your top five & why they are in your top five please.

Thanks for all the music & memories & I think the new website design looks fabulous! Many Smiles, Cindy

"Oh Cindy, you are laying down a challenge here aren't you? Thank you for appreciating in advance that I could only list my top 5 for this moment, right now!

which would be:

David Bowie's "Station To Station"
The Doors' "Strange Days"
Al Green's "Greatest Hits"
The Spinners debut album
Sex Pistols' "Never mind The Bollocks..."



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