Haunted Hospital

Hey Katy!!!, I noticed that the "Falling Down" video was filmed in a old hospital that was used in a couple of horror movies. Its supposed to be really haunted. I was wondering if any of the guys saw, heard or felt anything while they were there?? And do they believe in that kind of thing?? Danyel

“Hi Danyel, Sadly, the band were unable to meet with any ghosts, spirits, phantoms, apparitions, spooks, banshees, poltergeists, specters, eidolons, kelpies, wraiths or extraterrestrial beings (yes, Nick helped me with this list). However, should you ever come across any of the above, we would greatly appreciate if you could put them in touch with the guys (Nick in particular). Happy Hunting! KK (NR/SLB/RT/JT)