Fave Live Bass Lines

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, My question is for JT. Lately I've been reminiscing about the Aussie tour and how fantastic the band sounded. Some of my favorite bass lines are in "Rio," "New Religion" and "The Valley" and I was wondering what Bass lines are John's favourite to play (Live) and which are the more difficult one's? Kind Regards, Shelly

"Well.. Some of the songs require warm fingers- "Rio," "Girls on Film" for instance- so I'm glad they come later in the set. "The Valley" requires a little dexterity moving from keyboard bass to slap.. Most nights I suck at that!

I'm really enjoying "Nite Runner"+ "Skin Divers," as i get to sing syncopated parts while playing, which is always challenging. I'm loving the electro-set. Even "Come Undone," which is always tough, replacing programmed bass with played bass, is enjoyable lately. JT"