Celebrity Impact

Ask Katy

Hi Katy and hi durans! I would like to ask you: what was the impact and the consequence of your fame on your parents and brothers, especially in the very beginning? Thank you and kisses, Sara

“Sara, it was difficult for them in the beginning - knowing that they'd have to apply make-up before even the most mundane trips to the grocers etc. There were initially however, unseen advantages inherent; being able to jump the free school dinner line for one; for my father - the surprising attention he began to get from beautiful young women some, who regarding him as an easy route to media stardom, were willing to offer themselves up to - strange sexual, often "medical" practices - all of which, were declined (quite properly so) by my father. But as they got used to life in the public eye, celebrity began to take on a darker aspect....to be continued. s”