A Few from JT

John, I was wondering if writing may be in your future? Your personal narratives on TTP were very "Holden Caulfield" to me, one of my favorite characters in 20th century American Lit. Will we have the pleasure of reading more? Wendy S.

"oh well.. you're very kind. Let's just say that I am entertaining the idea...JT"

Hi Katy, Question for John...Got my BassPlayer magazine -Great cover and article! You are such a well rounded and grounded musician! So you want to join the ranks of the double neck players ofthe world? Will this be a Cirrus Liberator double neck ? What will this one be sporting? Will there be any 'spinning' involved? Hugs from Houston, Alma Soto

"well.. since the interview for Bass Mag went down, the two songs that I had planned on using the double neck DID NOT MAKE THE ALBUM!! So don't hold your breath. JT"

Katy: I was just watching "Three to get ready" on You tube. At one point tour plans are being made and John suggests the Lyceum in London's West End. Is this somewhere the guys had always wanted to play and it was in the back of their mind since that time or is this pure coincidence? Jen H, New Jersey

"Nope- it was a pure coincidence. After we lost the Leicester Square Odeon our choices were very few and far between. It was AEG Live super agent Rob Hallett who made the suggestion. JT"

Hi there John. I have recently become embroiled in a discussion on Myspace about a poem that was posted in a blog. It is credited as being written by Simon (and I love ya Simon!), but I'm quite sure he didn't write it. The poem posted is the song "Still In Your Heart" and I know this is a Power Station song. That's the story, now here's the question....when it was released I had always heard that "Still In Your Heart" was written by you, so I am wondering, did you in fact write the lyrics or was it just a collaboration of The Power Station? I want to be armed with the facts, before I dispute the claim. Thanks for your time, and I can't wait to see you this year! Love ya, Tammie xx

"no, no, Mr Palmer was responsible for the lyrics, i supplied the chords. JT"