A Dis

Hi Katy. I hope you are well. I have a question for John if you would be so kind as to pass it along......As someone of the African-American persuasion (or as I prefer to say, 'Person of Tint') I love it when a Person of Non-Tint (as I would refer to you) lays down some riffs that show a level of inner-groove generally more prevalent amongst my people. A friend of mine (also a person of tint) is a bass player; when it comes to covers he has said that the only two people whose material he can't hang with are Bernard Edwards and John Taylor. I was just wondering - are there songs in the Duran Duran repertoire in which you are totally blown away by your own funky bad-assness?

“I'm not sure that is a compliment, "your friend can't hang"... Is that not surely a "dis"?.. In answer to your question, i do sometimes listen to a song of ours and think 'Damn, we got that right...'Sometimes i think the opposite of course x JT”