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Hello...and welcome to JT's 'quick and easy' blogathon... in which he tells, in no particular order, what grimy secondhand vinyl albums he picked up on a shopping expedition in Rio de Janeiro today. Yes, we know he's a loser alright, when he could have been working on his steps at samba school or hiking Sugarloaf mountain, cruising for trade on Ipanema Beach or at least checking out the local PTA, our hero spent the day in the dingy cellars of Rio's secondhand record world, all so there's something fresh for the band's dressing room on the last remaining tour dates of the year. "I cannot hear 'Aladdin Sane' one more time!" he was heard screaming as he ran to smash his favourite slot machine... sorry, as he ran from the backstage shmooze room last night. Let's hope this new lot of priceless artifacts makes for good karma!

As previously stated, in no particular order:

The Clash 'Combat Rock'
'The Monkees Greatest Hits'
John Lennon 'Walls and Bridges'
'Four Tops Greatest Hits Volume 2'
Walter Murphy 'Phantom Of The Opera'
'Van Halen 1' (for Dom)
Imagination 'Body Talk' (for Rog)
Alice Cooper 'Killer'
10cc 'Sheet Music' (for Nick)
'Os Grandes Sucessos de ABBA'
Depeche Mode 'Violator' (also for Rog..)
The Edgar Winter Group 'Shock Treatment'
Tangerine Dream 'Rubicon'
The Hues Corporation 'Freedom For The Stallion' (Craigie's pick)
Led Zeppelin 'Presence'
David Bowie 'Let's Dance'
'Elvis 40 Greatest'
Gary Glitter 'Remember Me This Way' (not possible anymore I'm afraid
Supertramp 'Crime Of The Century'
The Searchers 'Hits Collection'
'Simon and Garfunkel', 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'
Queen 'Jazz', 'Sheer Heart Attack', 'The Works', 'Hot Space'
Sparks 'Kimono My House' (for Nick..)
'The Spinners'
'Wings Greatest Hits' (for Charlie..)
Yes 'Time And A Word' (for the cover)
Duran Duran 'Master Mixes' (released to celebrate their first
Brazillian shows in Rio and Sao Paolo)
The Foundations 'Build Me Up Buttercup' (CRAIGGGG!!!)