2 Q's About Keys

OK. I've been working on this one for a while. I have a Jupiter 8 with the arpeggiator set to random and a 3 octave range. Using notes E and B. But I still CANNOT duplicate the "Rio" sound. I read that it was a JP8 random arpeggiation, but it seems more like a sequence of several arpeggios. Am I in the ballpark? Please help. It�s driving me nuts. Kyle

"First of all, if you really want to attempt to duplicate the "Rio" Arpeggiator, you need to buy a Roland Jupiter 4, because that is the Beast upon which I created the sound. However, if you are looking to find something similar to "Hungry like the Wolf," you have a fighting chance as that was created with a Jupiter 8. NR"

Katy, what kind of pedals does Nick use with his keyboards? There was some picture that had guitar-like pedals in his setup. Now that I think of it - are they sustain pedals? Thanks, Stan

"I use a series of Flangers, Phasers and Delay pedals. They are not identical to the rec mounted effects used on the original studio tracks, but they provide a close assimilation for the live show. Nick"