More on Cry Baby Cry

I've been reading here the stories behind the songs from the new album and after listen to the bonus track "Cry Baby Cry", I wanted to know the story behind this song and if was produced by Danja or just by the band. And a last question, I read in some press that the band worked in 14 songs since the first sessions with Timbaland and later with Danja & Douglass (curious, double "D" too..) and after listen the "12+1" songs of Red Carpet Massacre, is there another song we didn't hear yet? in that case would be released as part of a cd-single or other ways (iTunes)? With good wishes to the band and you Katy.

" "Cry Baby Cry" was produced by Danja, Duran Duran and Jimmy Douglass. You can take your pick as to who you'd like it to be about, seems to work for any of the professional celebrities who got too much for too little. There are, actually, 2 more unfinished tracks, both of which have the potential to be completed but are going to have to want to change. NR"