JT & Blondie

John, what’s your opinion of Nigel Harrison as a bass player? Do you remember much of that time with Blondie?

“Funny, I was listening to 'X Offender' yesterday and thought how great the bass sounded.. back then... bands.. all had, it seemed, distinctive elements.. Blondie of course, a little kitschy, very surf, Spector-esque... but boy that rhythm section could rock. And you know, people always talk about what video did for DD, the ultimate video band, but what about Blondie? I eagerly awaited their videos, it was almost soft porn for me, and I doubt if I was the only one. I became friends with Nigel, it was through our friendship that Blondie invited Duran onto their tour as opening act. I ran into him a few years ago, working at Interscope. JT”