Memories of Sydney

Hi Katy, Here is a question for the band. There is a great interview on the web of Ian Little talking about 'The Reflex sessions'. It seems like there was a lot of fun as searching and editing synth sounds. May the band tell us their most memorable souvenir about those sessions. thanks a lot. cheers. Franck

"We were all living in Sydney at the time, personally I saw very little of the studio outside of the studio walls. We rarely took days off and usually worked thru the night, going back in to the studio as soon as we woke the next afternoon. Although it was a very lengthy process, I have particularly fond memories of working with the late Alex Sadkin, who taught me a great deal about sound and mixing. It was a period of great turbulence - we were under pressure to complete the third album and had to release a single before completing all the other album tracks. We managed to agree upon "The Union of the Snake" and only realized at the last minute that we had not written anything suitable for the B-Side. The single was due to be pressed in America 48 hours later, so Simon, Alex and I stayed up for a 24 hour period in the Studio, in which the track, "Secret Oktober" was written, recorded, mixed and couriered just in time to make the deadline. Of course, we will be back in a day's time, creating more memories. NR"