I watched Sing Blue Silver for the first time today, and the documentary left me feeling quite sorry for the band. They looked overworked and tired, and as if they had no control over their lives. I wanted to give each of them a beach towel and a pina colada. In Live From London, they seem to be loving life and masters of their world! My question to the band is whether or not they had any input as to the direction of SBS and what exactly they were trying to convey. Tiffany

“Thank you for your sympathy, but please don’t worry too much. Although the band were in a hurry at the time, they did have some control over the chaos, and actually managed to guide the direction of the ship at all times. Probably could have done with taking a Sunday afternoon off though.... the band tend to be slightly more meticulous with their schedules nowadays. But then things are also considerably easier for them, given all the technology available to them. It seems strange to think that people to tour the world without cell phones and email. Katy”