Roger and Dance Music

Hi Katy, I have a question for Roger.

I read your Top 10 Singles for 2006 and noticed that you chose quite a few dance numbers. After following your work with Duran Duran, Freebass, FunkFace and Phixx, I kinda see a dance music pattern going on. Do you relate to dance and club music as an inspiration and do you dance? I can't wait for the new album! Hugs, Paula

"Hi Paula, I do get allot of inspiration from dance music, being a drummer I think I'm attracted to the dominance of rhythm in club music and going right back to the early Duran work our 12" singles and dance mixes were an intrinsic part of the bands development and yes I do dance sometimes but I'm sure that I probably resemble a drunk uncle at your sisters wedding rather than a Justin Timberlake lookalike. R x"