Rockchic Guitar Design

Ask Katy

Hey Nick, I've just been at the Rockchic collection of guitars here in Dublin and I noticed an entry by one Mr N Rhodes of Duran Duran, however unlike all the other Fender Guitars you one was completely white with nothing written/drawn on it. I don�t believe you suffered from writers block so what was the story behind you guitar?? Thanks, looking forward to the new album! Carl

"Well Carl, it does seem a terrible pity you should have seen such a blank canvas where my guitar design should be. Of course it isn�t like anyone else's! It is the world's first electric guitar to feature a tv screen - it was actually quite a complicated exercise, but together with some clever folk, I managed to create a Fender guitar that plays video, as well as music. I also curated the video content that will be shown on the guitar during the exhibitions. Quite simply, the still photo is not enough. I will try and see if we can post some video so you can see the guitar in all its pixilated glory. NR"