Nick Goes to the Dark Side?

Ask Katy

Dear Nick,

Yoda once said to an impatient Anakin Skywalker: "The dark side is not stronger, but quicker, easier, more seductive."

In 2004 you took part in a debate at the Oxford University to discuss "that reality T.V is killing real music." Do you not think that your upcoming appearence on the reality TV music series THE X-FACTOR sits at odds to the stance you fought hard to defend?
To paraphrase Yoda, have you 'taken the quicker route to acheive that what you seek' and succumbed to the Dark Side of The Music Industry that is Darth Cowell?

I await your answer with interest, Padawan Rhodes.

IzzY World

"Dear Izzy,

The irony had not escaped me. Just as I lost the vote at the Oxford debate, I also lost the vote in the democracy that is Duran Duran. I am thankful that our performance will not involve public voting... I am also aware that being an artist, sometimes you have to present your offerings to the public, and the reality of this particular show is that it has become the biggest shop window on TV. As I don't personally choose which shops stock our records, I have to remain somewhat impartial about the limited choice of opportunities to perform live on popular television shows too... So there you have it,
may the force be with us. Nick"