Larold Crystal

Dear Katy. I write to you ask you a big favour, me and my friend have a very rare copies of the Japanese Test pressing of Election Day 12". It include a unreleased track called "Larold Crystal."We would like to know if you can pass to Nick (or Roger and Simon) the follow description of this record (I have attached also the photos):We have just got a japanese test pressing of the Election Day 12" single. It comes with two promo sheets which include information about the single and the then forthcoming "So Red The Rose" album. The tracklist presented in this promotional pages is different to the one we all know, with "Keep Me In The Dark" opening the A side before "Election Day" and followed by "Goodbye Is Forever", "The Flame" and "Missing". "El Diablo" opens the B side followed by "The Promise" and then a track entitled "Larold Crystal" just before the ending track "Lady Ice". Is "Larold Crystal" the only one unreleased track by Arcadia that Nick has mentioned before in other "Ask Katy" questions? Was this track going to be released instead of "Rose Arcana" or maybe it was a working or alternate title for this song?

The problem with this record is that the photocopies sheets were attached to the sleeve with tape and it's impossible to remove them with no breaking them. Fortunatelly, the glue has evaporated as the years have passed and it's possible to see the seond page (which includes the tracklist) from the above side (you will see it in the photos).Let me know if you can get any info about this.Thanks so much! Giorgio

"The one thing I am certain of is that "Larold Crystal" must have been a working title. We often give songs utterly ridiculous names so that we don't get attached to them. Not sure how this one slipped through the cracks in Japan, can only imagine it must have been lost in transllation. I don't recall which track "Larold" became but would imagine it was one used on the album. There is only one unreleased Arcadia track, as I have mentioned on ASK KATY before - it is an instrumental but I don't believe it could have been "Larold" as we never actually did a mix of the instrumental. Therefore, I cannot imagine that the Japanese version would have included a rough mix of something we have not ever authorized. The only other possibility is that I completely have forgotten that we wrote something else and sent it to Japan just for fun. Have you listened to the song? Nick"