Early DJ

Ask Katy

Hello Katy! I have a question for Nick. Did your experience as a DJ in the early days of Duran Duran at the Rum Runner have an influence on your style, technique and ability as a musician today? With the current news of a collaboration with Duran Duran taking place with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland, will you find those early influences as a DJ more useful with the current Hip-Hop/Urban Dance music found on club dance floors of today like those of the Rum Runner before? Thank you and God bless, Chevy

"Funny that you should ask, my brief stint in DJ'ing was indeed invaluable when it came to making our first album, and I still look fondly upon those days where I learned exactly what makes people want to dance. It's a fascinating combination of groove, energy, tempo, originality, madness, curiosity and sound. All of these things lured me further towards the Satanic underworld of the music business. NR"