Doors Influence

Ask Katy

Hello Katy. This question is for Simon. I have been listening to Arcadia recently. 'Missing' is one of my absolute favorites. To me the song musically and lyrically reminds me of The Doors. I know Simon, you have said that Jim Morrison had been an influence for you. Was this influence put into 'Missing'? Thank you! Jenny

"It actually borrows quite heavily from the poem "On a Dead Child" by Richard Middleton. I am however very flattered by the Doors comparison. Thank you whooosh, s...and here's the poem":


by: Richard Middleton

Man proposes, God in His time disposes,
And so I wander'd up to where you lay,
A little rose among the little roses,
And no more dead than they.

It seemed your childish feet were tired of straying,
You did not greet me from your flower-strewn bed,
Yet still I knew that you were only playing--
Playing at being dead.

I might have thought that you were really sleeping,
So quiet lay your eyelids to the sky,
So still your hair, but surely you were peeping;
And so I did not cry.

God knows, and in His proper time disposes,
And so I smiled and gently called your name,
Added my rose to your sweet heap of roses,
And left you to your game.

'On a Dead Child' is reprinted from An Anthology of Modern Verse. Ed. A. Methuen. London: Methuen & Co., 1921.