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Ask Katy

Hi Katy, I am sure you've been asked a zillion times already but what's the deal with the book? Is it ever coming out? Ashleigh, DD fan from Tx.

"Hi Ashleigh (DD fan from Texas),'s the long and the short of it. None of us have time - them, me, our book designer - to get this out when we had hoped, which was at the same time as the new record. In retrospect, I am not sure what any of us were thinking because unless there were 27 hours in each day, I am not sure how we imagined it would get done with everything else that really needs to get done. The good thing is, like every other project that matters to the band, WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN, THE BEST OF DURAN DURAN'S ASK KATY is now officially on "Duran time." Cos what fun would it be if it came out on schedule? So we're thinking February, 2008 (yes, we know, a full year after we said it would come out). Thanks for asking, Katy"