A Ray Of Light For Felicia Cantone

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Felicia has a rare bone cancer called Ewings sarcoma of the bone. Felicia (which means happy in Italian) is undergoing chemo for the 2nd time we have been told their is no third time. At this stage the prognosis is unclear but not looking great, it has spread to both her lungs although only sandy specks, and theirs a hot spot on her spine. She has already had 12months of chemo in 2005, and her whole shinbone was replaced with titaniam, ( if the tumor was in a joint then an amputaion of the limb would have taken place.

Felicia is a lively outgoing little 9yr old girl who is NOT GIVING UP ON HER FIGHT! Nor are her family.

Please view her family's myspace page and follow Felicia's progress & see how you can help:

A Ray of Light