A Couple o Q's for Nick

Ask Katy

Hey Katy...Somewhere I remember reading that the "Trollywood" soundtrack was scheduled for release a year or two ago but could never find a copy. Was the soundtrack actually released? I did find a track listing that included 6 TV Mania tracks and "Drive By" by Duran but could never find a copy.... Which leads me to the next question, a few months back on the "Ask Katy" column, Nick spoke about the 11 year anniversary of TV Mania and how the 11th year would be a great time for the long anticipated release of "Bored With Prozac and the Internet" Are there any scribbles, schematics or plans going on to make the release a Reality? Plus Nick do You still keep in contact with Neil Carlill the vocalist, supposedly, on a few of the Tv Mania tracks? He is an incredible lyricist,vocalist and creative force in my opinion. Basically is there any hope that we will ever hear TV Mania together again wheter it be from 11 years ago or for future collaborations? Fingers and toes continually crossed...Plus does Lo-Fi Records even exist anymore? Thanks for Your time and filling my life with so much musical inspiration! Thanks, Craig

"The Trollywood soundtrack was not released, whilst several snippets of Arcadia music were used in the documentary we had not granted permission for the soundtrack as the TV Mania album must first be released. I have been discussing the grand overdue release with Warren and having consulted our astrologists, psychics and landscape gardeners, it seems as though this year things may allign. The album will be released exactly as it was left 11 years ago. The tracks on Bored with Prozac and the Internet do not include any of Neil's vocals. However we did start a little work with him on some other material. I have not personally heard from Neil for several years - though he is, indeed both a bizarre and clever lyricist. NR"