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Ask Katy

Hi Katy, I have two questions...What inspired the band to remix "The Reflex" when it was released as a single rather than releasing the album version? Is this something they
might do again in the future?

Some people say that the music industry will shift back towards a singles market and away from albums now that online music stores are so popular. With this in mind, is there any chance that the band might ever release a few singles ala carte? It's a bummer to go several years without new Duran Duran songs, and I'd imagine that short spontaneous trips to the studio might have some advantages creatively and schedule-wise for the band. Guys, what do you think?-- Don

"The Reflex - We has been talking about working with Nile Rodgers for some time and that song seems to be a perfect place to start. We felt there was something else to be drawn out of the music recorded on the multi track of The Reflex. It always had potential to be a single and Nile was able to help bring the extra dimension to the mix to realize its full potential.

Singles - While there are several songs on the ASTRONAUT album we feel could have been released as singles, it's already time to move on to the next project... "Taste the Summer" could be the one that got away. NR"